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Bad Weather States is the brainchild of 5 noble gentlemen from the Lakelands of South Carolina.  Having played together in various forms throughout the years, the lads organically came together in their passionate search for an outlet for original and inspired tunes.  The Southern Americana influence in their art is ever-present and inescapable.  Fans also enjoy the soul, blues and harder influences.  Imagine if, 15 years later, the Drive-By Truckers came from South Carolina instead of Alabama and had a three way baby with the Allman Brothers and The Band.  Well, that kinda describes what you can expect from Bad Weather States but is also just a weird thought.  Of course, their product is best ingested audibly rather than in prose.  


As the group's soulful and impassioned guitarist and lead vocalist Granger Smith recently stated in an inteview, "[o]ur bass player, Austin Landers, has a knack for adding input to our original music that makes you listen. He could do it on his own, but has chosen to ride with us. Will Thompson – all the girls blush and giggle – is Will Thompson. That’s all you can say about him. I think if you say his name in this town, people know who you’re talking about and what he does. Nic Massey can play just about any instrument you put in front of him, and leads a lot of our practices when we’re bringing up new originals, because he does an incredible job of fiddling around with a chord progression that later turns into our next original, including one we have called 'Lullaby.' Duane Terry’s last name may as well be Allman." 

In the fall of 2017, the group released its first album, Nolichucky, which can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Shazam, farmersonly.com, etc.  The album consists of the 10 original tunes that the world can currently handle.  A release of new tunes will follow in due time, as the group's songwriting is exploding.   

Expect many more tour dates in support of the album throughout the next few months.  Please be sure to sign up for alerts and check back frequently for updated events.  The boys look forward to showcasing their talents in a city, town or village near you soon! 

Live from Studio 101 in Woodruff, SC- 2/6/18

1.     Elizabeth

2.     band intros (@7:07)

3.     My Misery (7:40)

4.     Mezzanine (13:26)

5.     Last Name (20:29)

6.     Talking to Me (25:10)

7.     Drive Back (33:38)

8.     The Story Goes (40:02)

9.     Dig Fall Die (45:23)

10.   Mexico (51:51)

Greenville Journal- January 5, 2018

Bad Weather States are a relatively new band, but they deliver their sound, a mix of heavy-guitar rock and just the right amount of country twang, with the confidence of seasoned professionals. The main reason behind that assured, polished performance style is that the quintet’s hometown of Greenwood has spent the last decade developing one of the best music scenes in the state. “There’s a lot going on every week,” says the band’s bassist, Austin Landers. “There are a lot of bands doing their own music; there are a lot of cover bands; and there are a lot of bars and restaurants that support it. Our local radio station has gotten behind it and the local paper has, too, and that helps musicians get out there and play their stuff.” With an increased level of competition, Bad Weather States was forced to get good quickly. “It makes you keep learning and find stuff that you’re good at,” Landers says. —Vincent Harris 


Greenwood Calendar- October 27, 2017

"Mayor Welborn Adams has declared October 27 Bad Weather States Day." 


Index-Journal- September 17, 2017

"The group — whose members range from 29 to 39 years old — built up a strong local following with their high-energy sets..."


Brandon Smith- manager

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